Management Innovation for Thai Language and Culture Program of International Schools in Thailand Based on Concept of Agile Learner Characteristics

  •  Charuwan Byrum    
  •  Chayapim Usaho    
  •  Pruet Siribanpitak    


The research aimed to develop an innovation for the Thai language and culture program management based on the concept of agile learner characteristics in Thailand. The study used the multiphase mixed-method approach which was conducted among 97 international schools in Thailand.    

The research findings revealed that management innovation for Thai language and culture program of international schools in Thailand based on the concept of agile learner characteristics which was titled “SWABK”. It consisted of three main components that promoting agile learner characteristics of seeking challenging situations, being a cognitive thinker, knowing what to do when facing uncertain situations, and welcoming feedback and criticism : (1) curriculum development: identifying learning outcomes that align with the need of Thai and global society and designing learning units by integrating Thai language and culture into global situations, (2) instruction: constructing learning tools and materials to be accessible anytime and anywhere, and (3) evaluation: utilizing the curriculum evaluation’s result to further develop learners to be ready for the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.