The Effectiveness of a Strategy Based on the Concepts of a Growth Mindset for Teaching Carpentry and Decoration in Developing Practical Vocational Skills and Imaginative Thinking

  •  Adnan Said Ahmad AL-Husaini    
  •  Eman Abdlfatah Amayreh    


This study aimed to investigate the impact of a strategy based on the concepts of growth mindset for teaching carpentry and decoration on developing practical professional skills and imaginative thinking among ninth grade students in the State of Kuwait. The study followed the semi-experimental approach. To achieve the objectives of the study, an observational checklist for practical vocational skills was prepared, consisting of (18) skills, and a test was prepared to measure the imaginative thinking skills of the sample members consisting of (10) essay questions. The study was applied to a sample of (51) students and they were divided randomly into two groups. Experimental, with (26) students, a control, (25) students. The study found a statistically significant effect of teaching with a strategy based on the concepts of growth mindset in improving practical professional skills and developing imaginative thinking skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.