A Comparison Between the Second-Hand Clothing Consumption of China and Korea

  •  Yealin Kwon    


The purpose of this study is to research and analyze the second-hand platforms in China and Korea. Todays, second-hand trading has evolved and more and more consumers are using it. In the past, most of the users of the second-hand trading market were low-income households, and the current users of the used trading market are the MZ generation. In this reason, feeling the necessity of researching the second-hand trading platform, I analyze it from data of China and Korea. To achieve the purpose of this study, I collect and analyze two big platform of each country “Xianyu” from China and “Secondhand Market” from Korea. We can see how differences in economies, societies and cultures between China and Korea affect second-hand trading platforms. The study compared the trend of second-hand clothing consumption, the major channels of second-hand clothing consumption, the key categories of second-hand clothing consumption, the leading brands of second-hand clothing consumption, the motivations and obstacles of second-hand clothing consumption. I hope this study to develop the second-hand trading platforms around the world.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.