On the Academic Value of "The Textile Weekly"

  •  Wang Qin    
  •  Yang Xiaoming    


“The Textile Weekly”, as an academic witness of Chinese textile industry throughout the 20th century, is a significant legacy recording the development of China’s domestic textile industry. Under the contemporary context of high-tech industrialization and “Belt and Road” Initiative, the study on “The Textile Weekly”, is of great referential significance for learning today’s industry policies and market status. Therefore, this paper, based on multiple literature reviews and substantial textual analysis, has built up the argument that “The Textile Weekly” mainly sheds light on social policy construction, establishing the foundation for comparative academic research, contemporary textile talent development, as well as the improvement on the overall R&D ability of China’s domestic industry. Studying “The Textile Weekly”, from both academic and practical point of view, will help us better understand how the domestic textile industry had been developed with the challenge and opportunities imposed by the increase of technological input into global textile production.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.