The Origin and Early Development of Chinese Warp Twisted Fabric Structure

  •  Ziqi Wang    
  •  Kehui Deng    
  •  Zeyang Peng    


The origin of textiles is often associated with braid. Both braids and warp twisted fabrics have twisted structures, but warp twisted fabrics are more advanced and closer to the development direction of textiles.From braids to warp twisted fabrics to various complex fabrics, it is supported by the development of social technology. We sorted and categorized related textiles unearthed in prehistoric times, combined with archaeological records and documentary records that could reflect the production situation at that time to a certain extent, and explored the connection between the origin of warp warp fabrics and the development of social technology through the combination of literature research and physical research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.