Synergy Model of the Role of Local Government and Community in the Relocation of Slums in Jakarta Indonesia

  •  Budi Supriyatno    


The problem of slum areas along the river in Jakarta Indonesia does not only cover housing problems, but also social and economic problems for people living in slum areas. As city dwellers, they are entitled to a place to live and earn a living without breaking the rules. However, the DKI Jakarta Government has been taking issue with its citizens who have always refused to evict and relocate their citizens for a better life. In fact, the DKI Jakarta Government wants to arrange slum settlements along the river, which is done in stages with. Therefore, a synergy role model is needed to be built, among others, through direct public deliberations with its citizens which can be used as a good structuring pattern and can become a forum for communication between the Regional Government and the community. The steps that need to be taken are government efforts so that citizens can change their views to a more positive direction in assessing the policies of the DKI Jakarta Regional Government and how Regional Government policies can optimally implement the people's aspirations. To understand these problems, it is necessary to conduct research that examines the problems of slum settlements in Jakarta which are expected to produce solutions that can solve existing problems. This study aims to examine the perceptions, motivations and attitudes of the people of Jakarta towards local government policies. The goal is to be able to develop role models for the DKI Jakarta Regional Government and communities in slum settlements according to the aspirations and socio-economic conditions of the local community.

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