Psychological Well-being of Police Officers and Its Impact on the Level of Job Commitment and Quality of Social Relationships

  •  Areen Mohammed Alghzewat Alkhawaldeh    
  •  Ayman Ahmad Alkrimeen    


This study aimed at examining the effect of an employee's sense of psychological well-being at work and the quality of social work relationships (the relationship between colleagues and the relationship with superiors) on the level of job commitment; the study was conducted on 80 police officers working in the Police College (Qatar), four measures were used to measure study variables. The regression analysis results indicated a positive correlation between the sense of psychological well-being at work and career commitment to the high level of social relations at work. Note that this study makes a set of significant contributions to the Arab work environment, whether at the theory or practice level. The study's most important results indicate the necessity of giving social work relations the appropriate attention, given its significant role in several organizational and individual outputs, which departments are rarely interested in.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.