Pluralism and Political Participation of Left-Wing Parties in Jordan

  •  Abdalhaleem Al-Adwan    


The left-wing that includes the nationalist, communist, and Ba'athist parties arose in Jordan with the beginning of the kingdom's independence. Its role in opposing the regime doubled after the unity of the two banks and the integration of the Jordanian left-wing with the Palestinian left-wing, participated with other right and middle currents in all stages of participation in parliamentary and pluralistic elections and the formation of the first pluralist democratic government in 1956, which lasted for less than one year and was the reason for its termination after the relationship with the government system worsened. This trend resorted to clandestine work after the dissolution of the government and the parties until 1989, the regime's transition to democratic pluralism, where it participated in multi-party elections with other party currents, calling for the promotion of the values of pluralism, political participation, and the transfer of power. However, it lacked its application in its internal system.

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