Shura and Pluralism from an Islamic Perspective “Jordanian Parties, as a Model”

  •  Abdalhaleem Al-Adwan    


Shura and pluralism are two sides of ideologically different ideas, Islamic thought that adopts the Shura as an Islamic democratic system and Western thought embraces political pluralism. As for the Jordanian Islamic trend, since its establishment in 1945, it has been involved in political work and supported the system of government in facing the challenges it faced, and it was not involved in any subversive or terrorist acts. After 1989 he began participating in political and party pluralism, seeing Shura's concept as a feature of Islamic thinkers and thought in pluralism and democracy. That pluralism is a permissible and legitimate interest, has coexisted with left and middle political currents being the largest and most influential political currents on the Jordanian scene.

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