Egalitarianism in the Mabadi Al-Irsyad: An Analytical Study on the Concept of Al-Musawah

  •  Faisol Nasar Bin Madi    
  •  Aminullah Elhady    


Islamic teachings place all human beings physiologically and sociologically in the same status even though they have different backgrounds. This article analyzes the concept of al-musawah (equality) in Mabadi (basic principles) of Al-Irsyad, an Islamic social organization in Indonesia, most of whose members are of Arab descent. This study has an urgency to find a common thread between the inclusion of the concept of al-musawah in Mabadi and the circumstances behind it, as well as its relevance to plural life among Indonesian Arab descendants at present. This study was conducted using documentary and historical analysis methods. From this research it was found that the concept of al-musawah was included in Mabadi Al-Irsyad based on social settings, there was an assumption regarding differences in social stratification in Arab community originating from Hadramaut. Al-Irsyad formulated the concept of egalitarianism in Mabadi, which until now is still maintained. It is believed that the concept of al-musawah is compatible with the concept of humanism in Islam.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.