Some New Epigraphy Material from the Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan

  •  Ali Al-Manaser    
  •  Hind Mohammad Turki Al Turki    


The aim of this research is to present a new collection of ANA inscriptions (Safaitic) discovered in 2017 in the Jordanian northeastern Badia in the area of Tall Al-Hafit. The research attempts to add a new meaning to the interpretation of the verb ʿwr in the Safaitic inscriptions. This research also introduces a new inscription bearing a reference to the town of Salkhad, which is located in southern Syria. This is the fifth inscription mentioning the name of this town. In addition, the research attempts to shed light on the importance of interpreting Safaitic inscriptions in relation to their geographical locations (the places where the inscriptions were discovered). This is because it is believed that these inscriptions and the meanings their authors wanted to convey can be better understood when interpreting these inscriptions in relation to their geographical contexts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.