The Characteristics of the Typical Pattern of Jin-merchant Culture and Its Use in Traditional Decorative Design

  •  XiangMing Hu    
  •  XiaoMing Yang    


Jin-merchant refers exclusively to the social group of merchants in ancient Chinese Shanxi province who ran businesses and engaged in commodity trading. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Jin-merchants were the leading merchant groups with their wisdom and talent in merchandise management. In the long-term development, the Jin-merchant group gradually formed a relatively complete ideological and cultural system, supporting the development of the Jin-merchants cause. The Jin merchant culture, with Confucianism as its core, has been widely nourished by traditional Chinese culture and has internalized local traditional customs and folklore into their temperament and character, forming a series of specific historical and cultural symbols, which permeate the Jin-merchants code of living and life pursuit, and are gradually evolved into various decorative patterns to integrate into life, in which future generations can feel inspired and enlightened by traditional culture and Jin-merchant philosophy.

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