Impact of Strategic Thinking on Achievement of Entrepreneurship in Al Manaseer Group (MG)

  •  Feras A. Al Zu’bi    


One of the most critical abilities that entrepreneurs of today’s business firms must have is strategic thinking (ST). Despite its role- rooted in full vision of entrepreneurial activities, especially the creation of new business projects, it has been ignored over the years in entrepreneurship (ENT) literature. This study seeks to explore if ST can promote ENT, and how with its dimensions - systems thinking (SsT), creative thinking (CT), and opportunism intelligence (OI), impacts the achievement of ENT in MG.

For research purposes, a questionnaire including 26 questions was conducted. First, reliability analysis was implemented to identify and eliminate irrelevant variables. Also, the researcher used Kolmogroph - Esmirnov test to consider the normality of variables' distribution. Finally, to analyze the impact of ST and its dimension on the achievement of ENT, simple and multiple linear regressions were performed. In light of results, ST and its components has a significant positive impact on ENT achievement. The OI was the most significant positive impact. This research provides a missing gap in strategic management studies enables us to have more actual view of entrepreneurs and ENT. Directions for further research are also suggested.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.