Evaluation of Employment Competitiveness of City-based and Application-oriented College Graduates and a Comparative Analysis of Their Differences—A Case Study of Beijing Union University

  •  Liping Jiang    
  •  Bin Li    
  •  Keqiang Wu    
  •  Ning Yan    


As a city-based and application-oriented college, Beijing Union University focuses on cultivating application-oriented talents to meet the needs of city development. In recent years, the number of college graduates has increased, the demand for talents has become increasingly high, and the employment situation for graduates has become increasingly grim. This paper takes the 2019 graduates of Beijing Union University as the objects of investigation, and conducts research on the employment competitiveness of graduates through questionnaires and interviews. It is found that in terms of environment adaptability and the concept of employment, there are significant differences among graduates from different registered permanent residences and habitual residences; Party members and females have significantly higher levels of professionalism and foreign language proficiency than those of non-Party members and males; and the family income of graduates from Beijing and who live in cities is relatively better. Based on the existing research results, some suggestions have been made for both individual college graduates and higher education institutions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.