The Promotion Background of Qi-qi Cotton Textile Machine

  •  Wen Zhang    
  •  Xiaoming Yang    


The Qi-qi cotton textile machine of 1977 is a handmade textile machine which was vigorously promoted by the government in the 1930s in China. Its name comes from the Chinese homonym of the July 7th Incident. This paper discusses the reasons and process of popularization of the Qi-qi cotton textile machine by the Agricultural Production Committee under the special background of the Anti-Japanese War. Through the deep analysis of historical data, this paper summarizes the Popularization Background and reasons of the machine. It is believed that the Qi-qi cotton textile machine increased the domestic cotton yarn output, largely met the cotton yarn demand in the southwest and northwest of China at that time, increased the income of the residents in the popularization area, and filled the cotton textile demand in the period of the Anti-Japanese.

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