Regional Identity’s Role in Cambodian Microfinance Adoption: Pushing, Pulling and Mooring Factors

  •  Wei Sun    
  •  Alisher Tohirovich Dedahanov    
  •  Ho Young Shin    
  •  Ki Su Kim    


By sampling usage intention factors of users in rural Cambodia, the study shows their effects on usage intention by integrating PPM and Reinforcement Sensitivity theories. Most of the behavioral factors are adopted from previous research. Perceived risk, reward sensitivity and knowledge prove to have significant effect on usage intention whereas regional identity does not. Regional identity proves to have moderating and negative effects on relationships between reward sensitivity, perceived risk, knowledge, and usage intention. The research results reinforce major roles for both government and microfinance institutions in considering and providing insights for future policy, management and investigations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.