A Study on the Relationship between Student Engagement and Their Academic Achievements

  •  Iruka Glapaththi    
  •  Ravindi Dissanayake    
  •  Thilina Welgama    
  •  Udara Somachandara    
  •  Ranitha Sachinthana Weerarathna    
  •  Geethma Yahani Pathirana    


Student engagement has become a dynamically engaging subject within the educational field. Higher student engagement has been a driving force behind extending student accomplishments in academics. This study focuses on student engagement in state (ABC) and non-state (XYZ) universities in Sri Lanka. The purpose of conducting this study is to identify whether a relationship exists between student engagement and academic achievement. The findings of the study will be of significance to the universities as well as the current undergraduates, since it provides an understanding on which measurements of student engagement is to be focused on, in order to achieve superior academic accomplishments. Additionally, the study will be of importance to Sri Lanka as a whole, for despite this subject being investigated in numerous other nations, it was identified that significant consideration was not given to the Sri Lankan context, when investigating the relationship between students’ engagement and their scholarly accomplishments. However, there can be unpublished researches in existence. The research was conducted using numerous scientific research tools. A deductive research approach was utilized in the current study. Data collection was based on primary data and a mixed strategy was utilized, as both quantitative and qualitative approaches were taken in collecting data. As per the findings of the study, it was identified that there is a positive relationship between student engagement and their academic achievements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.