Research on the Levirate Marriage for the Han Chinese during Yuan Dynasty

  •  Zongyan Jiang    


The levirate marriage has been continued for thousands of years in the ancient time of China until after the People's Republic when it died out. In Yuan Dynasty, the levirate marriage was gradually ascended to state law from national habits; its position was so important that it was considered as the customs of the country, later it gradually moved towards collapse. The variation of laws as well as regulations for the levirate marriage reflect the process of which the two cultures of the Mongolian people and Han people blended continuously. Starting from the research on the policy of the levirate marriage for the Han Chinese, this article explores for the jurisdiction and control of rulers in Yuan Dynasty for the Han Chinese to disclose the ideological features of laws in Yuan Dynasty, which explore for the conflict and coordination of law culture in grassland of the law culture in central plains.

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