Strategies to Maximise Staff Retention Among Millennial Teachers in Bangkok International Schools

  •  Karl Meneghella    
  •  John Walsh    
  •  Ousanee Sawagvudcharee    


Changes to the education landscape in recent times include increased globalisation, evolving national curricula, the need for a more global education, attracting and retaining value-adding faculty members and the increased competition to attract students. Schools also need to deal with a shrinking pool of available teachers as enrolment by young people into teacher education degrees are falling and many mature teachers are retiring from teaching. These changes in the teaching landscape are all having an impact on the ways schools conduct business, and it is particularly true in the international school setting. A significant proportion of teachers in international schools are less than 40 years old (aka millennials). Millennials have been the focus of some research of late, and initial findings would indicate that there are a lot of unknowns and misconceptions surrounding their expectations, their world view, and how to best utilise them in the workforce. Following these lines of inquiry, it is believed that identifying some of these potential generational differences in needs and wants will assist schools in developing sustainable strategies for the attraction, development and retention of young teachers, in turn creating increased efficiency and competitive advantage for the school.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.