The Influence of Self-esteem and Sense of Security to the Cognition of the Destructive Cult of College Students

  •  Junqing Xin    
  •  Baoxiang Fan    
  •  Han Ji    
  •  Bin Li    


In this study, self-esteem scale (SES), Security Questionnaire (SQ) and cult susceptibility test questionnaire were used to investigate 350 college students in Beijing, and the results were analyzed to explore the influence of self-esteem and sense of security on college students’ cognition on cults. The results indicate obvious differences in demographic variables and correlations among college students’ self-esteem, their sense of security and their cognition on cults. In addition, due to the predictive functions of self-esteem and sense of security, the cult confusion among college students can be prevented by improving their self-esteem and sense of security by means of introspection, feedback from others and participation in practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.