The Impact of Ageing Population on Economic Growth in South Asia

  •  D.K.Y. Abeywardhana    


The share of working age population has declined all over the world. It is forecasted that this will continue for the coming years in all countries in South Asia. Low growth in working age population in South Asia will be effecting negatively for the economic growth. This paper studies whether the South Asia 2050 employment targets would be sufficient to compensate for the downward impact of demographic burden and whether the impact of demography on economic growth differs between South Asian countries. The results show that degreasing working age population is the main challenge the South Asian region faces. Further it shows that growth in GDP mainly depend on the demographic change. Population who contributed the economic development become maturing and dependents of their children. The consumption of the ageing population is very high as of higher spending on healthcare facilities. This effect badly on the economic growth in the region and cause lots of challenges to the nations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.