Mechanisms to Enhance Users’ Responsibility on Social Networks’ and Preventing Cyber Terrorism

  •  Rasmieh Mohammad Alshogran    


This research aims to identify the effective mechanisms in enhancing the moral and social responsibility of users of social networks and practical steps to reduce the publications of extremism and terrorism. The research is a descriptive one, which adopts analytical research comparisons of the questionnaire tool distributed to 95 public opinion leaders. The research finds:

1. One of the main causes of cyber terrorism is the lack of self-censorship and the absence of home and school roles in the control of children.

2. One of the most important dangers of cyber terrorism is spreading the extremist ideas, especially among young for exploitation in terrorist operations.

3. One of the most effective mechanisms for enhancing the ethical and social responsibility of users of social networks is carrying the State and the school the responsibility to promote social responsibility to counter the phenomenon of cyber terrorism

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.