The Impact of Organizational Change on Government Civil Servants’ Behavioral Responses in China

  •  Shan Bin    


With the globalization and the development of scientific technology, competition pressure is more and more in all kinds of organization. Thus, organizational change is becoming the norm, which inevitably lead to the uncertainty of employment relationship, particularly, on employees’ serious of behaviours. These effects have become the vital factors in the organization achieving its organizational goals, and have become an important factor in determining successful organizational change. However, the relevant studies are based predominately on Western theories and models, rather than Chinese cultural background, especially within a public sector context such as the government. By selecting more than 500 Chinese civil servants for the questionnaire, this study is going to measure the dimension of organizational change in Chinese government, and its impact on Chinese civil servants’ behavioural responses. The results show that the impact of different organizational change on Chinese civil servants’ behavioural responses (Exit, Voice, Loyalty, Neglect) is different.

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