Motivations and Factors that Contribute to Successful Drumline Groups in Malaysia

  •  Helmi Rosli    


Drumline has gained more popularity as an independent percussion group with its new music arrangement and attractive drum groove. It is seen that a quite number of drumline groups have been established in Malaysia as part of music activities such as secondary school and university drumline and community group. However, the insufficient emphasis or highlights has likely created diverse perceptions on the development of drumline groups as they have the tendency to have different reasons for joining a drumline group. Therefore, to further investigate this matter, the study focuses on four subscales of intrinsic motivation of Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI), which are (a) Interest-enjoyment dimension, (b) Effort-importance dimension, (c) Value-usefulness dimension, and (d) Pressure-tension dimension. The data is collected using questionnaire, with the consideration of the members’ demographic profile, motivation and factors that contribute to the success of drumline groups, specifically in Malaysia. Based on the findings, majority of the members perceived their interest-enjoyment as a reason to join in the drumline ensemble group. They have an agreement on the fact that drumline is a great activity to participate as it is enjoyable and exciting. Also, it is identified that teamwork, enjoyment, and dedication were among the factors that contribute to successful drumline groups. In general, the members are motivated, despite the lack of sponsorship for drumline event or competition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.