Tools for Empowering Young Learners: Language Learner Autonomy

  •  Che Wan Ida Rahimah bt. Che Wan Ibrahim    


This paper critically reviews the potential of social networking tools in the context of informal learning of language for young learners. It provides a synthesis of the research literature in the field that relevant to communities of educators and a series of illustrative examples of how these tools are being used in autonomous language learning. It draws out that the learners are currently turning to the social networking tools for their own, independent language learning. Alongside this, these tools have the potential to greatly enhance the opportunities available for language learners to make meaningful use of their target language in real‐time contexts and to develop their productive language skills. For that reason, the use of these tools is a more dynamic approach to language learning, so that the learners gain autonomy and be responsible for their own language learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.