Designing English Material for Second Semester Students of Peer-Assisted Learning Program (PALP)

  •  Ratri Nur Hidayati    


This research aims at developing Peer-Asissted Learning Program (PALP) Modul for PBI UAD Students at Second Semester. Since the purpose of the research is developing an instructional module, this research belongs to research and development. There were some steps conducted in this research which were conducting needs analysis, formulating the instructional design, arranging the modul, validating the modul, revising the modul, applying the modul, and evaluating the use of the modul. Then, the instruments used in this research were interview guideline and questionnaires. The interview guidelines were used in conducting needs analysis while the questionnaires were used in validating and evaluating the modul. Next, there were two types of data gained from this research, qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were analyzed descriptively while quantitative data were analyzed through Likert scale and the use criteria percentage. The subject of the study were 12 of board PALP, 30 PALP mentors, and 50 mentees. The module entitled PALP Module for Semester 2 students which focuses on speaking skill. It contains 7 chapters, each chapters consists of the teaching order and scoring rubric. Moreover, the module was developed and revised based on the data gained during the research. The result from the expert judgment related to the face aspect is 84% while the result related to the development aspect is 80%. Then, the result of the evaluation from the board is 84%, from the mentors is 86%, and from the mentee is 88%. So, it can be concluded that the modul is feasible to apply.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.