Teachers’ Perception on the Implementation of Dual Language Programme (DLP) in Urban Schools

  •  Nadiah Binti Has Bullah    
  •  Melor Md Yunus    


Today, English Language has become the language of communication in every area which includes economics, politics, technologies as well as education. It also has been placed as a second language in Malaysia due to its importance. Dual language programme (DLP) has been introduced and implemented in selected school since 2016 as an initiative programme to give the pupils the opportunity to use English Language in learning Science and Mathematics. It aimed to produce proficient pupils in the international lingua franca language. Thus, this study was conducted to examine the teachers’ perceptions towards the implementation of DLP and to identify the factors that affect the implementation of DLP in urban schools. English, Science and Mathematics teachers from urban schools that implemented DLP were selected as respondents for this study. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, a set of questionnaire was developed and interview session were conducted to gather their point of view. Data was analysed using descriptive analysis. The results from the questionnaires and interview were presented in tables and figures and showed that the teachers have positive perceptions towards the implementation of DLP. However, there were some challenges faced by the teachers such as lack of teaching resources and facilities. This study’s result aspires the ministry and DLP teachers to discover the possible solution to improve the implementing the programme.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.