Investigating English Language Speaking Anxiety among Malaysian Undergraduate Learners

  •  Nuraqilah Nadjwa Miskam    
  •  Aminabibi Saidalvi    


Malaysian graduates have a serious lacking in speaking English and this situation has raised an alarming concern in securing employment in the future. Many Malaysian graduates perceive speaking in a foreign language as an intimidating task. This is due to the existence of foreign language anxiety that serves as a hindrance for the undergraduate learners to speak in a foreign language. This study aims to determine the level of speaking anxiety among Malaysian undergraduate learners. The Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety Scale (FLSAS) by (Balemir, 2009; Huang, 2004) was adapted and administered to measure the level of students’ speaking anxiety. 42 undergraduate learners from one of the public universities in Malaysia have been selected to participate in this study. Data collected through questionnaire was analysed using statistical analysis. The result from the study showed that undergraduates have English language speaking anxiety to a certain level. The findings of this study will assist both undergraduates and educators to be more aware of the level of English language speaking anxiety in order to overcome this perturbing issue.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.