The Study on Development and Countermeasures of Qingdao Sailing in Under the Background of “The 2018 SCO Summit”

  •  Xiuying Hu    
  •  Guanjun Wang    


The SCO summit of Qingdao was an important diplomatic activity for China, and it was a global event.

General secretary Jinping Xi has given important instructions on the success of the SCO summit in Qingdao. He has hoped to sum up the useful experience of “having a good meeting and invigorating a city” carefully.

The historical experience has also proved once again that an important international conference brings great impetus and promotion effect to a city. Therefore, as the “SCO summit city”, Qingdao is also the “Olympic sailing capital” and “ocean city”.

With the continuous development of China’s marine sports, sailing has gradually entered the horizon of people. However, China started late in sailing, and competitive sailing has only achieved relatively good results in recent years. It is developing competitive sailing boats. At the same time, the development of recreational sailing is also to be strengthened. The development of recreational sailing is in line with people’s demands for exploration of the sea, recreation, and healthy life, so that the popularity of sailing has become a national sport that has strengthened both the north and the south of China. The interaction between the parties has also strengthened economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between home and abroad. (Qing, 2018)

This article has analyzed the status quo of the development of leisure sailing in Qingdao. Its purpose was to analyze the problems of leisure sailing in the process of developing idle resources and lack of reserve forces, and proposed the corresponding solutions and suggestions. For example: rational using of resources to deal with seasonal changes; using of media channels to promote leisure Sailing; developing of reserve forces; sailing events for the masses; organizing community activities. At the same time, it has drawn same lessons from the development experience of foreign leisure sailing and selects suitable methods to cater for the development of leisure sailing in Qingdao.

This article has used the literature, expert interviews and questionnaires to explore the current status of the development of leisure sailing in order to promote the coordinated development of leisure sailing in Qingdao in the future with social, economic and cultural development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.