Manifesting the Semantic Differences of the Words Love and Affection and Their Derivations in the Glorious Quran

  •  Daad Younus Hussein Abdullah    
  •  Zulazhan Bin Ab. Halim    


This research states the importance of love; that word with tender shadows and the one beloved by the human soul, and Islam reflects a special understanding for this word as it is a religion that acknowledges love as one of the most vital and effective human impulses and motives in the individual and collective behavior. It is also one of the paths to recognize Allah and approach him. There is no doubt that affection is a positive virtue because it is, in essence, a means to approve the bonds of love and intimacy and reviving them even if it represents an emotional and sentimental denotation, though it is originally a positive and practical tendency. Love is the polar of worship as loving the religion and its details is a sign of the faith perfection; loving Allah entails obeying his messenger peace be upon him and his tradition. There is a semantic difference between the two words: love and affection as love is what settled in the heart and affection is what was translated by the behavior and not every loving person is friendly and the human can love and this love does not show in his behavior and every friendly person has affection in his heart and its basis is the love feeling inside his heart, therefore the affection is the love which is not reflected. The current research relied on references that deal with the semantic differences as a partnership study conducted by Mosul University in Iraq and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin in Malaysia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.