Uncovering the Role of Internal CSR on Organizational Attractiveness and Turnover Intention: The Effect of Procedural Justice and Extraversion

  •  Sushant Ranjan    
  •  Rama Shankar Yadav    


The present study attempts to uncover the impact of internal CSR on internal stakeholders, i.e., employees. Through a comprehensive literature review, relevant variables for the study were identified such as internal CSR, the perception of procedural justice, organizational attentiveness, extraversion, and turnover intention. Drawing on signaling theory, we answer why employee’s willingness to quit an organization is less if the organization performs well on internal CSR front. We also propose that internal CSR increases the organizational attractiveness as it reflects the prevalence of welfare practices and procedural justice in the organization. Since the organization is perceived procedurally just employee's willingness to quit the organization is decidedly less particularly employees having extrovert nature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.