Entanglement Interpreted as the Cooperation Between the Super-Elastic Double-Helix Photons and the Super-Elastic Double-Helix Gravitons. Quantum Cavendish Experiment. Intellectual Mastery of Nature (07.10.2020)

  •  Jiri Stavek    


In our approach we have combined knowledge of Old Masters (working in this field before the year 1905), New Masters (working in this field after the year 1905) and Dissidents under the guidance of Albert Einstein (EPR Paradox). Two free-will partners A (Alice) and B (Bob) share each a photon from a photon pair emitted from the source and measure the correlations among those entangled photons. Based on the great work of the smartest theorists and experimentalists the interpretation of that entanglement correlations goes unequivocally for the supporters of Niels Bohr: the quantum mechanics (QM) is complete and cannot be modified in any possible way. J.S. Bell stated that all local hidden variable theories are excluded forever, and this is now the dominant statement in the “entanglement community”. Is there any chance to contribute anything reasonable in favor of Albert Einstein´s statement that the QM is incomplete? In our approach we have inserted two new local hidden variables γ and δ (gravitons emitted by the Earth towards individual polarizers = GAIA Effect) into the old trigonometric functions haversin (2θ) = sin2θ and havercosin (2θ) = cos2θ where haversine and havercosine represent orthogonal projections on hyperplanes. These new local hidden variables might contribute to the creation of the entanglement among the separated photons as it is described by the QM. In order to falsify the QM correlation predictions (in the spirit of Karl Popper), we can locally bring to the vicinity of the polarizers two field masses (emanating additional gravitons towards the used polarizers = RHEA Effect, Plato connected the word with ρέω = rheo = flow, RHEA - the daughter of GAIA). The first local hidden variables γ and δ - GAIA Effect - at this moment cannot be controlled by humans, however, the second local hidden variables ε and ζ - RHEA Effect - can be controlled by humans (e.g., the experiment of Henry Cavendish in 1797). This concept might document the Intellectual Mastery of our Nature to hide Her secrets using the mathematical camouflage. We want to pass this scenario into the hands of the big G researchers and the “entanglement community” to evaluate if really our “Nature loves to hide.”

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