Derived Functions from the Hubble-Lemaitre Equation and Some Related Methaphysical Especulations

  •  J. G. Lartigue    


Since the Hubble-Lemaitre equation

                                                                                            v = Hr                                                                                             (1)

proposes the expansion velocity of the Space (International Astrophysical Union, 2018), the equation H2r2 has been assumed as the squared of velocity (Cassé, 2001). Therefore, it may be proposed, logically, the equation

                                                                                          ΓH = H2r                                                                                          (2)

to correspond to the Space acceleration expansion, which was demonstrated to be a constant in reference (Lartigue, 2016). On this assumption, the expression for the Hubble parameter results as (Lartigue, 2018a)

                                                                                          H = √2/t                                                                                          (3).

In this paper it is revised the concept of the Hubble potential to substitute the dark energy. The present values of some Space parameters are also obtained. In ref. (Lartigue, 2018b) they were discussed the two main theories about the origin of the Universe: the Big Bang and the Quantum Fluctuation, arriving to the conclusion that the Big Bang (creation ex-nihilo) was the most probable option; besides, they were mentioned two metaphysical conditions in the creation of human beings: transcendence and ethics. This paper reviews those conditions and proposes some metaphysical subjects related to probable steps in the creational task.

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