Super-Elastic Double-Helix Model of Photon. Huygens-de Broglie Particle on the Helical Path Guided by the Newton-Bohm Entangled Helical Evolute. Quantum of Magnetic Flux Based on the Mathematical Beauty of Newton, Lorentz, Einstein, Dirac, Gell-Mann, Schw

  •  Jiri Stavek    


In our approach we have combined knowledge of Old Masters (working in this field before the year 1905), New Masters (working in this field after the year 1905) and Dissidents under the guidance of Louis de Broglie and David Bohm. In our model the photon is represented as the Huygens-de Broglie’s particle on the helical path (full wave) guided by the Newton-Bohm entangled evolute (empty wave). We have formulated the concept of the Super-Elastic Photon WAVE based on the Great Works of Weber, Abbe, Voigt and Einstein. This model works with the longitudinal elasticity of that WAVE that was already very well tested experimentally. Newly, we propose to test the elastic amplitude of this WAVE for the case of the Doppler’s redshift, the Doppler’s blueshift, and the Zwicky’s redshift. We have newly used the concept of the Lorentz’ force for the description of the photon acting force and the fermion reacting force. In this model the Lorentz’ factors γ and γ3 do not describe the “transverse mass of fermions” and longitudinal mass of fermions” but the “reacting transverse force of fermions” and the “reacting longitudinal force of fermions”. (The mass of photons and fermions does not change with their speed). It is very well-known that the cylindrical helix observed from different angles forms shadows in the Plato’s Cave as circle, sine, cosine, trochoid, cochleoid, hyperbolic spiral. Therefore, the resulting shape depends on the observer position in the Plato’s Cave-this is the famous Rashomon effect between observers. Based on the Newton-Bohm helical evolute and the Huygens-de Broglie helical path of the particle we have derived interesting formula known as the quantum of the magnetic flux. When we work further with this concept based on the Mathematical Beauty developed by Dirac, Gell-Mann, Schwinger, Polchinski, Witten and many others, we will obtain possible properties of the magnetic monopole. This photon quantum of the magnetic flux can be experimentally evaluated in the known tests with superconductors and micro-WAVES and infrared-WAVES. Can it be that Nature cleverly works with the magnetic monopole hidden in plain sight? We want to pass this concept into the hands of Readers of this Journal better educated in the Mathematics and Physics.

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