Cloning and Sequence Analysis of a Wheat RING Domain Ubiquitin Protein Ligase Gene

  •  Zaijun Yang    
  •  Zhengsong Peng    
  •  Kai Wu    
  •  Shuhong Wei    
  •  Yonghong Zhou    


Full length cDNA sequence of RING domain ubiquitin protein ligase gene TaZFP-1 was acquired by RT-PCR methods. Then, analysis and prediction on the acquired sequences and its amino acids, physicochemical properties, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity, secondary structure, functional domains, sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree. The results showed that TaZFP-1 gene cDNA was 759 bp in length, encoding 252 amino acids.  Most amino acids in TaZFP-1 protein are hydrophilic amino acids, so the protein may be a soluble protein. Secondary structure of TaZFP-1 was mainly composed of a-helices and random coils. Functional domains analysis indicated that the TaZFP-1 is a RING finger domain protein and containing a C3HC4 motif. The molecular evolution threes showed that the TaZFP-1 was clustered into the monocotyledon group and high genetic relationship with O. sativa RING domain E3 ligases.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.