Two Dimensional Laminar Flow of a Liquid with Circular Hydraulic Jump

  •  Asuquo Eyo    
  •  Enobong Joshua    
  •  Paul Udoh    


We examine two-dimensional laminar flow of a liquid with circular hydraulic jump using boundary layer approach, but with the inclusion of a velocity profile approximated by a quadratic function. Our motivation is due to an earlier work of * on radial spread of a liquid over a horizontal plate. We obtain a new relation for the displacement thickness, momentum thickness and position of the jump.  Our approximate values based on ** are compared with the exact values due to ***.  The comparison shows the error of about 9% in the shear rate relation on the plate and the error of about 3.5% in the thickness ratio.  Our values agree to a large extent with the exact values and also show improvement of our work upon that of * with respect to the thickness ratio.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.