Study on Preparation and Application in Flocculants of Modified Lignin

  •  Haiyin Liu    
  •  Xiuyun Yang    
  •  Xiaoqiu Liu    
  •  Haibo Yao    
  •  Yunhui Li    


The lignin sulfonate was modified with olefins monomer by the method of radiation graft polymerization, by which a new type of natural polymer flocculants can be made. And results of the flocculation and sedimentation are tested in the furfural wastewater treatment process. Furfural wastewater is a complex composition, whose COD is about 20000mg / L, is difficult to be treated by conventional methods. Our results showed that the kind of flocculants can remove 50 percent COD or more from furfural wastewater after aerating and adjusting pH value to 9.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.