Structural Characteristics and Genetic Mechanism of Fracture in Shiwu Oilfield

  •  Hu Li    
  •  Qirong Qin    
  •  Wenhua Tang    
  •  Mingyuan Tang    


Based on the core, chip,drilling, Seismic data,etc,Combining the tectonic evolution of shiwu fault, comprehensive study the Charcteristics of Structural, fracture and the genetic mechanism of fracture.after study:on the basis of the reaearch on the Xiaokuan fault and nearby north-south faults,6 secondary structure units are divided.They are: Xiaokuan extrusion and strike-slip zone,Qikeshu syncline belt,Dawujiazi and Xiaowujiazi fault belt,Nanling fault terrace,and Liangjiatun fault terrace.after study on the length and density by Weighting Process, Crack is developed in Shiwu Oilfield;it is affected by five tectonic movements and formed the four periods fracture;extensional directions of these fractures are NE,SN,NW,NNE,NNW,EW, etc.

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