Theoretical Foundation for Energy Structure Adjustment

  •  Zhiquan Wu    
  •  Shaoxiang Zhou    
  •  Liansuo An    
  •  Guoqing Shen    
  •  Hailin Shi    


Application of unit fuel consumption has been explored deeply based on the second law analysis of thermodynamics to meet the strategy demand of optimizing energy structure adjustment. Theory of unit consumption analysis has been used in this paper to explore the theoretical foundation of energy structure adjustment. It has been proved that value of fuel exergy varies when two fuel exergy assessment methods are used separately. It can be obtained that coal utilization corresponds to the lowest second law efficiency while H2 or CH4 the highest according to the calculations. Thus, to increase the percentage of natural gas in regional energy consumption will lead to higher regional second law efficiency. And theoretical energy saving potential can be obtained from the departure of practical unit fuel consumption (UFC) to theoretical UFC.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.