Design of the Robust Controller of the APT Fine Tracking System Based on the Structured Singular Value Theory

  •  Mingqiu Li    
  •  Hongzuo Li    


APT (Acquisition, Pointing, Tracing) system is the important component of the space laser communication system, and its tracing accuracy is mainly determined by the fine tracing subsystem. To enhance the tracing accuracy and robustness of the APT system, the robust control technology based on the structured singular value theory (  integration) is adopted in the design of the controller of the APT fine tracing subsystem, and the mathematical model of the augmented object of the fine tracing subsystem based on  integration is established, and the robust  controller is designed by the D-K iterative method in this article, and the bandwidth of the fine tracing subsystem could achieve 318 Hz, which could satisfy the requirements of the APT system to the bandwidth of the fine tracing subsystem. The equivalent sine simulation of the system indicates that the system tracing accuracy is better than 0.6 µrad.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.