Biobleaching of textile dye effluent using mixed culture through an Immobilized Packed Bed Bio Reactor (IPBBR)

  •  B Manikandan    
  •  V. Ramamurthi    
  •  R. Karthikeyan    
  •  T.R. Sundararaman    


A bacterial consortium was raised to treat the textile dying effluent. The mixed culture for biobleaching was isolated from the sludge and dye effluent contaminated soil from ETP houses. Among the several isolated representatives’ genera, pseudomonas pudita and Bacillus subtillus were found to be the potential strains with synergetic mode of biobleaching. 80-90% of decolorization along with 2-3 fold decrease in BOD and COD was observed using the bacterial consortium. This study exemplified the treatment feasibility of bacterial consortium over an immobilized packed bed as a biobleaching agent for treating textile dye effluents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.