Numerical and Experimental Dynamic Contact of Rotating Spur Gear

  •  ALI JEBUR    
  •  I.A. KHAN    
  •  Y. NATH    


During the last century, there have been major developments in the technology of power transmission by gears. Numerical analysis contact stress of the spur gear tooth models by using ANSYS programming (point to point) and experimental work by using the stress-optical method (photo elasticity) are widely used today. This paper investigates the characteristics of an Involutes gear system including contact stresses between pair of the gears (surface to surface) for 3D and comparing the results with the experimental results. The experimental analysis established in new idea by using the D.C servomotor and planting the strain gages in the tooth of the gear (polyimide materials). The results of the numerical FEM analyses from ANSYS programming (surface to surface) and experimental analysis (D.C servomotor) are presented in order to calculate the contact stress. These stresses are compared between numerical and experimental results. Both results agree very well. This indicates that the experimental model is successful and leads to excellent results comparing with numerical results (ANSYS program) and equal (12.86 %).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.