Research of the CCD Aerial Camera Manipulator System

  •  Chengjun Tian    
  •  Zhiyong An    
  •  Chengyu Yang    
  •  Jie Duan    


Manipulator is the corollary equipment of the CCD aerial camera, which is mainly used to manage and control the main system of the aerial camera, receive the feedback information of the main system, and display the video image of the land object almost real time, and its performance will directly influence the working state of the CCD camera. The applications of the PC104 bus technology and the ARINC429 bus technology in the subsystem of the aerial camera manipulator are concisely introduced in this article, and the working flow of the display manipulator, the composing and working principle of the system are mainly discussed. Through the test-fly, the manipulator system could run stably, with advantages such as strong anti-jamming and high reliability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.