Synthesis of 6H-thiochromeno [3, 4-b] Quinoxaline Derivatives and their Antifungal Activities

  •  Peng Wei    
  •  Jingjing Liu    
  •  Junjie Ma    
  •  Gengliang Yang    


Objective: To design to synthesize 6H-thiochromeno [3, 4-b] quinoxaline derivatives and evaluate their antifungal activities.

Methods: The target compounds were prepared from substituted thiophenol by several steps, and separated by column chromatography.

Results: Four new unreported compounds were obtained. All compounds were confirmed by 1 H NMR and MS spectral analysis. Preliminary pharmacological test showed that two compounds both possessed potential antifungal activities.

Conclusion: The synthesized 6H-thiochromeno [3, 4-b] quinoxaline derivatives had certain antifungal activities in some tested fungal strains in vitro.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.