The Application of Structural Equation Model in Location Selection and Spatial Layout of Convention and Convention and Exhibition Industry Cluster

  •  Xinju Wu    
  •  Sheng Li    


The article is based on the theory of industry cluster’s location selection and the authors discuss the formation mechanism of convention and convention and exhibition industry cluster by using the structural equation model. In addition, the authors analyze different elements, namely the regional factors which affect convention and exhibition industry cluster’s location selecting, through making reference to Weber's theory of industrial location and neoteric and modern analysis methods of location theory. Moreover, the authors use structural equation model to discuss the causal relations between regional factor, supporting industry factor, infrastructure factor and level of convention and exhibition industry cluster. In the article, the latent variables, manifest variables and their causal relations in the structural equation model are determined. The authors aim to provide references for development route and district layout of convention and exhibition industry cluster.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.