Acid Resistance Behavior of Concrete Made Using Untreated and Treated Tannery Effluent

  •  K Nirmalkumar    
  •  V Sivakumar    


There was a severe water problem especially in the summer season in and around Erode (Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India) where there is more number of tannery units.  Hence an attempt was made to use the waste water from tannery industry for construction purpose, so that the shortage in water can be greatly reduced and the waste water can be suitably disposed for safe guarding the environment.  The basic properties of the treated and untreated water from the tannery industry were tested and the results were found to be satisfactory such that it can be used for construction purposes.  The mechanical properties like compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength etc were studied by casting various concrete specimens in form of cube, cylinders and beams etc and were found to be satisfactory.  Hence some special properties like freeze and thaw test, alkali aggregate reaction, chloride attack, sulphate attack, acid resistance etc were considered and comparatively studied with the nominal potable water.  In this paper acid resistance property is discussed in detail.

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