Treatment and Reuse of Tannery Waste Water by Embedded System

  •  S. Krishanamoorthi    
  •  V. Sivakumar    
  •  K. Saravanan    
  •  T.V. Sriram Prabhu    


Due to scarcity of water problem in India especially southern part of India the large number small and medium scale industries are facing hectic loss in production. On the other hand the effluent discharged from these industries contaminates the water table and water sources.  In this juncture, a novel technology should be developed to overcome these problems. Hence the present work focuses attention on the novel methods for treatment of tanner effluent and reuse for other purposes. For this purpose the experiments have been conducted by embedding UF and RO. Experiments have been performed for both UF and RO by varying the pressure and load to the membranes against the flux. Finally, based on the experimental results a suitable embedded system has been suggested for treating tannery effluent.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.