Study on Dynamic Characteristics of a Secondary Regulated Loading System

  •  Dengcheng Ma    
  •  Weiguo Wu    
  •  Qiushuang Huang    
  •  Shimin Yang    
  •  Yongbiao Hu    


Loading system is the core system of multi-functional engineering machinery as load vehicle to test traction performance of construction vehicle. For secondary regulation technology in loading system of multifunctional test platform, the mathematical models of electro-hydraulic servo valve, variable fuel tanks, secondary component were established by modeling method for the secondarily regulated loading system. By using the PID controller to adjust the parameters, mainly from step loading model and sine wave loading model to analysis the simulation. Studying on dynamic characteristics and reliability of the secondary regulation technology system for loading control system of test-platform. The results show that the construction machinery multi-function test-platform uses the secondary regulation technology system is feasible, the secondary regulation technology can meet the performance requirements of the loading system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.