Application Degree of High School Principals in Aqaba/Jordan to the Japanese KAIZEN Model to Reduce the Waste of School Time as Perceived by Teachers

  •  Rateb S. Al-Saud    
  •  Elham N. Abu Hamde    


The study aimed at identifying the application degree of high school principals in Aqaba/Jordan to the Japanese KAIZEN Model to reduce the waste of School time as perceived by teachers. The sample of the study consisted of (372) teachers, who were chosen using the stratified random technique, during the second semester of the academic year 2017/2018. A 36-item questionnaire; divided into three domains, was developed for data gathering. The findings of the study indicated that the degree of principals' use of the Kaizen model from the teachers' point of view was medium. The ranking of the three questionnaire domains was as follows: cooperation, continuous improvement of work, and decision-making. Furthermore, the results indicated that there are no statistically significant differences at the level (&=0.05) attributed to the study's three variables: gender, scientific qualification or years of experience.

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