Does Building Trust Enhance the Effect of E-Leadership on the Organizational Commitment? Empirical Evidence from Islamic Banks in Palestine

  •  Raed A. M. Iriqat    
  •  Dana M. S. Khalaf    


This study aims to investigate the enhancing role of building trust in the effect of e-leadership on an organizational commitment to the virtual teams in Islamic banks in Palestine. Furthermore, the article has found that: (1) E-leadership is significantly related to building trust and organizational commitment of the virtual teams in Islamic Banks in Palestine. (2) The three dimensions of e-leadership (engage, execute, and elastic) significantly predicted organizational commitment (3) building trust is significantly enhancing the effect of E-leadership on the organizational commitment in Islamic Banks in Palestine. Based on the results, the scholars recommend that banks should develop the banking procedures to be more elastic and more suitable for banking services to facilitate bank transactions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.